Trina House LPC, LPC-S

Trina House, LPC, LPC-S, is the CEO and Clinical Director of The Prevention Center, a thriving counseling and holistic mental wellness practice in the greater Oklahoma City area. An industry leader, educator and “The Therapist to Therapists,” Trina teaches black mental health professionals how to serve themselves as well as they do their patients. Through growth-focused professional and personal development workshops, courses and retreats, she brings clinicians into spaces where they learn, heal and effectively deal with the demands that come with passionately serving people.

A believer in building solutions to challenges from her own experiences, Trina knew, from the earliest stages in her career, that she and other black mental health professionals needed more. When it came to professional development, too often, they were the minorities in the room. Culturally sensitive topics and tools for serving communities of color were always missing from training curriculums. Beyond that, Trina found that black clinicians were breaking emotionally and physically from the unique stressors they faced every day. As she advanced her own career, she mentored countless clinicians along the way, and with each encounter, she kept crystallizing a vision to support more of her peers in a transformative way.

Committed to equipping black mental health professionals with the tools they need to thrive, Trina developed much-needed training and wellness experiences for practitioners. Her programs bring clinicians out of the hustle, bustle and stress of their day-to-day, and into spaces where they can recharge, rebalance and revive their passion for their work. With a focus on optimal health and total well-being, with Trina, therapists learn how to take good care of themselves. Because when therapists are healthier, everyone they treat is too.