Tamara Zantell

Tamara Zantell is a mother to 5 superstar changemakers. As a licensed mortuary scientist with a degree in business management, she worked for over 10 years as a management consultant and small business strategist in both the medical and restaurant fields in addition to 15 years as the Chief Operating Officer for the largest medical specialty practices in Western New York. She helped clients built strong community relationships, deliver excellent service while building well managed diverse environments via culture, goals, and structure.

As an official corporate dropout, Tamara has helped her teenage daughter, Zandra A. Cunningham, build an empire. Tamara has advanced knowledge in launching an international brand, brand visibility, generating revenue, partnership development, and preparing young moguls for success. As the founder of Raising A Mogul, LLC and the CEO of RAM Brand Management a strategic brand management & consulting firm, Tamara is committed to supporting parents with the confidence, knowledge, and tools they need to Raise Young Moguls.