Ronda White

Conference Strategist, CEO Authority™, Master Coach, Radio Host, International Speaker, Author and President/Founder of The R.A.W. Group LLC.™ a consulting and management firm assisting extended small business owners through coaching, consulting, managing, and trainings.

Known for her brilliance as a consummate personal, professional, and productivity strategist and as the Innovator for Conference Architects™ Her sharp insight enables her to unravel the fabric of your vision – startup or seasoned – adeptly shifting snags into solutions.  Ronda is ignited daily by her purpose not just to inspire but also to transform others as she recognizes small business owner’s fuel as well as the exhaustion of doing and running it al.

She has an authentic affinity for personal development and for stretching people past perceptions and perceived limitations into greatness. Ronda’s innate ability and insight to see others potential and vision has allow for sound structure, logistical strategies and solution before the problem arises. It is her life’s work – a calling that constantly beckons her higher. Ronda rises to answer it every day.

Ronda is the Co-Author in several books, “Fabulous New Life” Volume I and “I Said, Yes.”  In 2017 she Author the book project, “Moments in Life, The Caregiver’s Story.” Ronda has also been featured in the documentaries “Unbroken Resilience” and “Driven – The Unpaved Road to Success.”

She is the proud mother of two adult children and currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK