What got you to this level, won’t get you to your next.

Get ready to build a tribe that can’t live without you, your content and your products and services!

Experts, Influencers, Speakers, and Coaches – your business needs a community of people committed to your message, the transformation only you can provide, that they WANT to buy what you have to offer AND tell others!

It’s time you learn how to attract your own uncompromising community, build undeniable credibility and unlimited profitability just like many of the leaders you follow right now.

#1 Reason to attend EPICCON – “the freaking HOW”

Imagine attending a conference where you actually learn HOW to do the WHAT that everyone else is teaching. EPICCON is not just a WHAT to do experience, it’s a HOW to do it now experience – where you walk away with tangible action steps that can be implemented before the conference ends. This is our guarantee.

The biggest, loudest, most beautifully decorated conferences mean nothing to your bottom line if you leave with motivation you can not grow a team with, scale your business with or change lives (including yours) with.

This is not business as usual.

EPICCON20 is for:

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Public Speakers

  • Service-based businesses

  • Consultants

  • Authors

  • Influencers jumping into Entrepreneurship

  • Life & Business Coaches

EPIC in Vegas

Are you looking to:

  • Create unlimited profit potential for yourself and business

  • Take control of your own financial future

  • Increase your credibility as an authority in your industry

  • Create a marketing plan for an entire year

  • Deploy or improve your sales automation

  • Build online communities that CONVERT

  • Leverage your influence to rise to the top

  • Build your own media platform

You want answers to your questions, strategies that will work for your business and a game plan to execute? There’s an element of hustle that’s necessary for you to magnify your presence, perfect your pitch, and elevate your profits. This doesn’t mean you have to run yourself into the ground – this means you need strategic objectives, solid action steps and benchmarks to measure your success!
Aprille Franks

April 29 | BONUS: Ultra VIP Day (optional)

Dominate or die is our mantra – and this FULL extra day is a more exclusive environment for a limited amount of entrepreneurs who want to play at the highest level. On April 29th, you’ll get access to more of Aprille, her team and her 7 figures success circle of friends.

Limited to 50 seats.

Note: This is the Dominator Ticket. This does NOT include the Jet Setter experience.

April 30 | Thursday: Positioning Your Brand for Undeniable Credibility

Aprille Franks

Credibility means to be trusted and believed in! We’ll hone in on all of the elements that helps you position yourself as the credible authority in your industry – so you can attract more clients and partners to your brand.

Our experts will show you how to add more creds to your name in a space where everyone with “pretty graphics” is an expert – set yourself apart.

We’re taking a deep dive into topics surrounding branding concepts, traditional media, messaging, podcasting, and influencer marketing based on what’s working today. By the end of Day 1 you’ll create a strategic marketing plan to market your number #1 asset to your brand: YOU.

Extras: This is dress to impress day – wear what you’d sign up your biggest contract in!

Cause we’re EPIC: Our Jet-Setters ticket holders are flying on a private JET off to Los Angeles to an undisclosed location.

Cause we’re super EPIC: We’re BIG on our tribe connecting with one other offline – and we like to have fun! So the pre-pre before we get rolling we’ll have a Link Up with amazing views and vibes to get acquainted upon arrival WEDNESDAY night (April 29). Oh and wear white.

May 1 | Friday: Attracting a Bigger Tribe = More Clients


After we power through Credibility you’ll learn strategies that Aprille and her clients use to attract your ideal customer not only to your content – that also means your messaging, your stories, your articles, and all those live stream (or the ones you’re avoiding) too.

There is a science behind creating an audience with a tribe mentality.

A community that thrives on and offline, with you and with each other.

It’s time you understand the mindset, framework and daily actions necessary to create your own uncompromising community.

From creating your own movements, to online community building, list building, messenger marketing – day 2 you’ll walk away with attracting more of the right people to you who are ready for a transformation through your products and services.

Extras: #mastermindme late night session for anyone who wants more value to their EPICCON experience by getting exactly what they need answers – and potential partner connections.

May 2 | Saturday: Launching, Sales & Profitability


Credibility, check! Community, check! Now let’s focus on how to build the paths to residual profitability so you can cash out! Your revenue should be predictable and pinging with bank deposits credited daily – today we focus on creating financial transformations for your business!

There’s a formula to creating active and passive revenue streams in your business – we’ll teach you opportunities for both.

You’ll learn how to launch your products (yea, all 130+ steps), the keys to successful memberships, creating money on demand, high end offer strategies and the stamina it takes to be a CEO.

Extras: Dress in CAMO today in honor of Aprille’s father, US Army Veteran, James Franks who ascended on his 67th birthday – May 2, 2018.

Cause we’re EPIC: Get ready to build your CEO stamina – don’t wear heels ladies!

Jetsetter Plus

  • Lavish Private Jet Experience to Los Angeles
  • BONUS Day April 29th
  • Main Event April 30-May 2
  • Main Stage Speakers
  • Work Camps
  • Social Media Labs
  • Bonus: Night Session
  • Super Bonus: Early Morning Sessions

Dominator - Ultra VIP Day

  • BONUS Day April 29th
  • Main Event April 30-May 2
  • Main Stage Speakers
  • Work Camps
  • Social Media Labs
  • Bonus: Night Session
  • Super Bonus: Early Morning Sessions

Activator - Standard

  • Main Event April 30-May 2
  • Main Stage Speakers
  • Work Camps
  • Social Media Labs
  • Bonus: Night Session

Speakers and Trainers!

Palms Casino Resort

4321 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
The Palms Casino Resort/Palms Place Resort & Spa is complete with a multi-faceted $690 million renovation that has touched virtually every aspect of the property. The reimagination has transformed Palms into a luxury gaming and entertainment destination by creating a mix of classic Vegas hospitality and extraordinary new experiences through world-class partnerships.

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