Dave Vanhoose

Dave Vanhoose is an author, world renowned speak to sell trainer, financial freedom developer and combines the world of entertainment and speaking with a patented system called Presentainer.

Dave’s masterful execution of sales presentation using your core story is evident in his own success, and in that of his students.

Dave is mentor and speaker coach to some of the most experienced speakers in the seminar industry. What is his secret? Experience! This top closer has mastered the art of platform persuasion and personally delivered more than 4000 stage presentations.

His leadership and sales abilities took his first seminar based sales company, Foreclosures Daily, to number 35 on INC Magazine list of 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies. Within 3 years, Dave’s company had 100 employees, over $30 million in revenue, and was producing 50-100 seminar events per month! Also, his current company Speaking Empire, where he earned up to $14 million in one year!