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Growing a profitable brand is…blah, blah, blah!

Listen, at the end of the day – you started your business with the intention to get paid for the impact you want to make on others. If you’re reading this, you are either new to the Coaching, Speaking and Author landscape OR you’ve been in it for a while and are pissed, frustrated and at your wits end!

There's a solution for that, and we are it!

Many entrepreneurs have a desire to be influential AND profitable but struggle because they are not doing the right things at the right time, if at all. What deflates most entrepreneurs is a ton of passion and not enough of everything else it takes to be successful in business. This event is designed to eliminate that when you execute fully!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to:

  • Be successful on your own terms
  • Live a lifestyle that you dream about but don’t believe you’ll ever have
  • Retire a loved one or send your kids to a better school
  • Pay your debts totally off
  • Employ and give opportunities to others

Well, EPICCON20 is here to empower you to do just that, but first, you must shift your thinking and forget most of what you thought you knew about entrepreneurship. If you’re honest, it’s time to get off the pot and in the success lab of business! Success is not just for everyone else, but you have to decide if you’re going to level up and claim your spot in the room! At EPIC you’ll learn in a variety of ways – from Tedx style talks to main event speakers to 2 hour long work camp days – and for some late night and early morning sessions!

Our event is centered around helping you:

  • Launch & Create your own products
  • Price & SELL your services with confidence
  • Create solid automation plans
  • Produce your own live events that pay, BIG
  • Create a business that serves a purpose and profits at the same time
  • Pitch yourself to the media, prospective clients and potential partners – and close them
  • Ignite a team to help you scale your business
  • Leverage social media to skyrocket your tribe to a point of (nearly) turning business away

You want answers to your questions, strategies that will work for your business and a game plan to execute? There’s an element of hustle that’s necessary for you to magnify your presence, perfect your pitch, and elevate your profits. This doesn’t mean you have to run yourself into the ground – this means you need strategic objectives, solid action steps and benchmarks to measure your success!

EPIC is the ultimate work, play, live & profit weekend experience – see ya in Vegas!

Sessions Topics Include:


Being an entrepreneur is tough. 90% of entrepreneurs fail and fail miserably. This is your time to ASK questions – don’t be shy – and get advice from high-level entrepreneurs who have made that elite 10% cut. Learn and get inspired by what it takes to be a successful & fulfilled entrepreneur, from ones who have fallen, risen and made a name for themselves in a competitive market.


Branding is not just logos and colors and you know know that. When it comes to creating a name for yourself and leaving your legacy, there are no shortcuts. With the purposefully designed branding strategy, your business can go from a $2,000 a month business to a $20,000 a month business. Understand how you can leverage the power of branding to leverage your products or services and get the media exposure to take your business to the true “new to you” level.


Following the herd is tough. Becoming an influencer of your business is guaranteed to place you in a position of higher authority within your industry. You define the market instead of attempting to penetrate it. You are the one they turn to, you are the expert, and you speak with authority. You create a niche need instead of serving one. Learn the art of influence and become and epic hustling influencer.


You didn’t leave a job (or plan to) just to create one where you have to the only employee. Learn top notch automation practices and strategies from industry powerhouses!


Profit from your own event and get trained on HOW to produce a profitable event that fills seats, creates a memorable experience and meets your money goals!


Productivity and priority magnet of your business are imperative or you’ll be exhausted at the end of every day. Likely unhappy and not meeting your money goals. Learn from the best in project, system and goal management.


When you have a solid pitch, your sales and reach are limitless. We’ve heard the excuses about how hard it is to pitch, how difficult it is to speak up and toot your own horn and during this session, those excuses are torched. Learn how to outplay the competition, create a solid pitch to attract your people, and close the deal. Period.


It’s no lie we live in a digital age now. If your business is not propagating itself on social channels, with local and national media or using the media resources to get you seen — you are cutting yourself off at the knees when it comes to increased exposure + more clients + increased revenue and much much more. Learn how incredibly easy it is to use a media marketing strategy to fan the flames of your audience.


Absolutely nothing counts in your business if your bottom line is in the red. Learn how to turn a profits consistently, how positive cash flow will take your business up a notch & allow your business to grow. No matter where you are in your business, you always have the opportunity to increase your revenue. Uncover profit gaps and plug them with actionable profit strategies to keep the cash flow fire going.




  • Full BONUS Day April 29th
  • Access to Main Event April 30-May 2
  • Lavish Private Jet Experience to Los Angeles (FIRST 27 ONLY)
  • Access to Main Stage Speakers
  • Access to Work Camps
  • Access to Social Labs
  • Access to Ultra VIP “Dominate the Day” Sessions
  • EPIC Swagbag




  • Access to Main Event April 30-May 2 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Access to Main Stage Speakers
  • Access to Work Camps
  • Access to Social Labs

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